Dungeness Crab – A Delightful Delicacy

dungeness crab

A native of the Pacific Coast, the Dungeness crab hosts a prized local fishery and is the pride seafood of San Francisco and the West Coast. Countless restaurants in the bay area boast their freshly caught Dungeness crabs in a variety of exciting recipes. The Dungeness crab fishery is the perfect model of sustainability, effective management, and an excellent ability to adapt to new regulations.

Sweet & succulent

The meat of a Dungeness boasts a sweet yet salty taste with a firm texture that holds up well in many recipes. Crab cakes, crab melts, crab puffs, and steamed crab legs are all favorites in many restaurants. There are few tastes that can compete with fresh, pure Dungeness crab meat dipped in hot butter and garlic. Whether it is served cold or hot, mixed with fresh ingredients or still in the shell, Dungeness crab will satisfy the deepest cravings of any seafood lover.

A culmination of sustainability

These crabs are caught with traps, a method considered eco-friendly since fishermen can release undersized crabs and other bycatch unharmed. Only male crabs can be taken with strict limits on size and the fishery is closed during molting season. This well-crafted and highly effective management approach has put Dungeness crab from California, Oregon and Washington on the sustainability green list.

We believe that such well-managed fisheries are essential for protecting our oceans and will serve as an example for others to follow. Pucci Foods is excited to provide you with fresh and sustainable wholesale Dungeness crab.

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