Lingcod – A Uniquely Charming White Fish

Lingcod are a singularly unique fish that are neither a cod nor a ling but rather a greenling. They are found solely on the West Coast of North America and offer a fantastic success story after rebounding from overfishing. Lingcod fillets are an excellent source of low-fat protein and are high in vitamin B12 and selenium. Your diners will rejoice in the sustainability, health and flavor of the lingcod.

The taste of lingcod

Don’t be alarmed by the curious blue-green tint of lingcod meat when it is raw. When cooked, the color fades and you are left with a white, firm fillet similar to cod. The lean meat is flaky and finely textured with a mild, sweet flavor. It holds up well when sautéed or deep-fried, though your chef may prefer braising or poaching. As a fine quality white fish, it can be used to add delectable items to your menu such as fish tacos, chowder or fish-n-chips.

Successfully rebuilt

Lingcod was declared an overfished species in 1999 and strict catch regulations were implemented. Lingcod reproduce quickly and populations were declared rebuilt by 2005 – several years ahead of schedule. They are considered a groundfish, so most are still caught using bottom trawling. This fishing method sometimes causes damage to seafloor habitats. Options to catch groundfish without using trawling are being researched.

Pucci Foods believes in protecting our natural resources so that we may continue to enjoy fresh, sustainable seafood for generations to come. This protection is achieved by supporting industries that respect our oceans. Buy our high quality seafood with the promise that your buying choices help support ocean health.

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