Reef Cod Fish – Sweet and Exotic

Reef cod fish will give a little extra exotic flair to your menu that will please your customers. Offering a high quality white fillet, reef cod fish are an excellent source of lean, low-fat protein and omega-3 fatty acids. They are not a true cod, yet they offer similar taste and texture with the mysterious touch of the tropics.

Succulent and healthy

Yielding beautiful large white flakes, the reef cod fish is mild and delicate with a resilient texture. Numerous recipes will create succulent entrées for your diners. The moist fillets of reef cod fish adapt particularly well to baking, broiling, frying, steaming and sautéing with light seasonings and herbs to bring out the sweetness. For an especially healthy menu item, your chef may try baking fillets with a light drizzle of olive oil, fresh garlic and a dash of lemon. Try topping grilled fillets with fresh, tangy fruit to embrace the sweet side of reef cod fish fillets in a recipe sure to thrill your customers.

Caught with eco-friendly methods

Reef cod fish comprise several varieties of fish that are spread throughout different regions. As a result, thorough population assessments are difficult but the populations off of south India are thought to be healthy and abundant. These fish are usually caught with handlines, a fishing method which prevents high levels of bycatch and habitat damage, making it more sustainable than long lines or bottom trawling.

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