Salmon – Beautiful in Flavor and Sustainability

Salmon are the beloved fish of California. Distinct in color, taste and texture, salmon are an extraordinary convergence of flavor and nutrition that are a necessity for your menu. Fillets of this unique fish offer the seafood lover a savory delight unmatched by any other fish. With a rainbow of orange, red and pink, salmon fillets are saturated with omega-3 fatty acids and offer a host of health benefits.

Flavor perfection

There are many flavors of salmon – Chinook, chum, coho, pink, sockeye – and the nuances between each are exciting for your diners to explore. The high oil content makes all salmon perfect for grilling, smoking and baking. Try a range of marinades and sauces to add just the right items to your menu. When prepared for sushi, salmon provides a buttery slice of perfection that will woo any seafood diner.

Supporting healthy oceans

There are many sustainable fisheries for salmon, but the Alaskan wild fishery dominates the market along the West Coast. Rivers and streams in Alaska have remained pristine and native salmon runs do not have to face the same damming, deforestation and urban development as other coastal states of the Pacific Northwest. Wild-caught salmon from California, Oregon and Washington are also well-managed fisheries and ocean-friendly choices.

With the blue ecolabel of the Marine Stewardship Council comes the promise of freshness and sustainability. When you order salmon from Pucci Foods, we guarantee that you and your customers will be delighted with your choice. We respect our oceans and strive to protect our most precious natural resources. When you buy from us, you are ensuring that the sustainable seafood industry will thrive.

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