Swordfish – A Hearty Seafood Choice

A striking animal, the swordfish can reach up to 1,000 pounds and is known to roam temperate and tropical oceans worldwide. Fishermen and chefs prize it as an especially high quality catch and seafood and they are hunted by more than 30 nations. Similar in texture to tuna, swordfish make a hearty meal that will satisfy seafood and meat lovers alike.

Perfect for meat lovers

Swordfish fillets are dense, flavorful and meaty. Any recipe used for tuna will work well for swordfish. Grilling and baking are favorite options to bring out a rich flavor that your customers will adore. Bold marinades and zesty sauces will compliment swordfish well and many chefs are beginning to prepare grilled swordfish on kebabs with delightful dipping sauces.

Strictly managed fisheries

The swordfish fishery in the United States is strictly managed to prevent bycatch, the main concern with longline fisheries. Harpoons, handlines and drift gillnets are more environmentally friendly options for catching swordfish. The West Coast fisheries add further restrictions by including closure areas, special gear requirements and onboard observes to monitor catch and bycatch. These special regulations provide an extra layer in an increasingly sustainable swordfish industry.

Interesting biology

There is only one species of swordfish known by the genus and species of Xiphias gladius. The name gladius is derived from the Roman term for sword, chosen to describe their long, flattened bill. This long bill is used to defend against predators and hunt for food by slashing the bill back and forth. Their streamlined shape and powerful muscles allow them to swim up to 50 miles per hour.

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