Yellowtail Rockfish – A Locally Caught Treasure

The rockfish of the Pacific Northwest are an intensively diverse group of fish, with over 70 species inhabiting our coastal waters. The yellowtail rockfish is one of our locally caught, prized rockfish species. The yellowtail rockfish is a superb source for lean protein and your diners will enjoy the many delicious ways to prepare this healthy local fish.

The versatile yellowtail

Yellowtail rockfish have a delightfully nutty flavor and medium-firm texture. The moist fillets adapt well to baking, broiling and sautéing and make the perfect addition to stews, chowders and soups. The flakes are somewhat delicate and may tend to fall apart if grilled, but they do make an excellent barbecued entrée for your menu. Your customers will enjoy the sweet, fresh flavor of raw yellowtail rockfish for sushi or in citrusy ceviche. Bay area consumers always love to see local fish and shellfish gracing the menus of businesses. The yellowtail rockfish will quickly become a favorite amongst your diners.

Depends on the method

Rockfish populations have plunged in the past due to heavy fishing pressure. Yellowtail rockfish are long-lived, slow growing and late to mature, making them especially vulnerable. Fortunately, the last few years have brought much relief to yellowtail rockfish as well as other rockfish species. Better management has reduced fishing pressure and rockfish populations are on the rise. When caught by handlines, yellowtail rockfish are very sustainable. The bottom trawling method can damage seafloor habitats and have high bycatch levels, so these fisheries should be avoided.

The Pucci Foods team believes in creating a brighter future for our oceans by supporting sustainable fisheries. Our seafood products come with the promise that they are the healthiest, freshest and most sustainable options on the market. Your customers will love not only the seafood entrees, but also the successful sustainable story behind them.

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