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Offer seafood
with confidence.

Pucci Foods has been providing seafood solutions to California businesses for over 100 years.
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Wholesalers & Broadliners


Expertly sourced from sustainable producers
Seafood. Fresh raw salmon or trout fillets with ingredients

Atlantic Salmon

Our best selling fish from top-rated ASC and BAP certified farms

3 whole cooked dungeness crabs on ice

Dungeness Crab

The delicious delicacy fresh from local fishermen

7 small live oysters on ice

Pacific Oysters

Sweet, briny delights shipped live from our partner farms

Raw Red fish fillets on marble cutting board , top view

Pacific Rockfish

One of the west coast's most sustainable and versatile fish

Never worry about quality again.

If we are strict about anything, it’s procuring the best product and keeping it that way, all the way to your doors. If you aren’t satisfied, we’ll fix the problem right away.

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The Pucci Promise


We don't send anything we wouldn't accept. If we make a mistake we fix it right away.


From our suppliers to our warehouse, we make decisions that give seafood a bright future.


We go the distance to make sure you have the best seafood solution when you need it most.

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Working With Us

1. Introductory Call

You can ask us anything as we get to know you, your business, and your needs.

2. Pricing Presentation

We'll present competitive pricing for items you are interested in.

3. Sales Rep Assignment

We'll set up your account and assign you a sales rep so you can begin offering seafood with confidence.

"The service and follow up on product requests is exceptional, especially in it's expediency. You can always count on Ana to get back to you promptly. The informational product support from the team is excellent as well. The product variety and sourcing is solid, as well as the quality- one of the finest swordfish loins I have worked with was from Pucci. Also, if there is ever an issue team Pucci is quick to resolve it. Bravo!"
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Chef John Paul Khoury

The Bay Area's 100-year-old wholesale seafood distributor

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Since 1918, Pucci Foods has been supplying the highest quality seafood and specialty meat to wholesalers, retailers, and restaurants around the San Francisco Bay Area and throughout the world. Our location in Hayward, CA gives us strategic access to the world’s best seafood and puts us in a position to supply it in the best way. Our HAACP and SQF certified facility allows us to prepare protein to the exact specifications to our customers while keeping it as fresh as possible. Our commitment to sustainability is manifest in our sourcing standards and our solar-panel housed facility.

Most of all, as the Bay Area’s premier wholesale seafood distributor, our commitment to our customers is paramount–we put them first. Period.  

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