Wholesale Salmon


Wholesale salmon is one of our many claims to fame. Of all the positive feedback we hear from our customers, we hear most about our salmon. Below, you’ll find information on how we source our wholesale salmon, which types we offer, and what specifications we provide.

NOTE: We only offer wholesale salmon to retailers, restaurants, and distributors. We are not fulfilling will-call orders at this time.

Supplier Verification

Our wild salmon is always caught in compliance with NOAA Fisheries Regulations, which preserve stock and prevent bycatch.  We exercise the same diligence when choosing farm partners. We only partner with farms that put health and sustainability first by employing efficient farming methods, minimizing pesticide use, and avoiding dyes.

In sourcing our wholesale salmon, along with our other species, we adhere to Monterey Bay Fish Watch program ratings. We only source species that Fish Watch rates as “Good Alternatives” and above. You can read more about Fish Watch ratings here. Below, you’ll find the Fish Watch sustainability rating for each species by clicking on each species card.


Our talented team of professional filleters and cutters are here for you. Fresh or frozen, skin off or on, filleted or portioned, your specifications are just as important to us as they are to you.

Cut – whole / trim / fillet / chunks / pieces / portions
Skin – off / on
Bone – in / out

salmon fillet with cut portions