About Us


We set the benchmark for quality by following strict guidelines in our handling practices, ensuring food safety and sustainability. Our location in the heart of the San Francisco Bay allows us to serve the world’s finest quality of fresh and frozen seafood and specialty meat products.


We embody sustainability by being HACCP compliant and by heeding the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch program and NOAA Fish Watch guidelines. We invest in innovative software to ensure the traceability of our supply chain. We choose suppliers that care about the Earth as much as we do. We are housed by the Bay Area’s biggest solar panel.

We deliver unrivaled service by consulting you on your seafood decisions and delivering exactly what you decide on. We are not strangers to filling the last minute order. Our central location in the San Francisco Bay Area allows us to offer our you a wide range of transportation options to minimize your freight costs and maximize your earnings. We succeed only when you do.


President and CEO Chris Lam escaped war-torn Vietnam to build a new life in America—and build he did. Waking up extra early in high school to practice English was only the first of many extra miles he took to achieve his dream to own a business and make a difference in people’s lives. Watch the video to learn more about his story.