The  Story


With 100 Years Behind Us…

In 1918, Joe Pucci and Son’s Seafoods was founded on a promise: to supply the best seafood in the best way. 

That promise reached a new meaning when Chris Lam bought the company in 2001 and expanded it beyond seafood. He knew he needed to rebrand, but wanted to keep the legacy of Joe Pucci, so he renamed the company Pucci Foods. 

In 2002, Chris moved Pucci Foods into the current facility in Hayward, housed by the city’s largest solar panel. The company reached new heights in sustainability and innovation when it was recognized with the Sustainability Award by the City of Hayward in 2015. Through continual innovative supply line upgrades, forward-thinking in health and sustainability, and expansion of a highly-vetted supply network, Pucci Foods has since become one of the largest and most trusted seafood and specialty meat suppliers in the Bay Area.

…We’re Just Getting Started.

Our last 100 years were characterized by innovation in quality, sustainability, and service. We will continue to deliver the promise of Joe Pucci to our ever growing community. As we look more to local fishermen for our seafood, savings and efficiency will increase. As labor shortages rise, we will continue to develop our tray pack and processing program to make sure you can open the product and be ready to put it on the shelf or grill. Investing in health and sustainability will continue to be top of mind—only when we take care of the Earth can our industry continue to thrive.

Last updated: 2020 Q4

The  Promise
atlantic salmon fillet
  • Our location in the heart of San Francisco allows us to source and serve the world’s finest quality seafoods and specialty meat products.
  • We follow strict food safety guidelines in our handling practices.
large solar panels on roof
  • We are HACCP compliant 
  • We partner with the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch program and NOAA Fish Watch guidelines. 
  • We invest in innovative software to ensure the traceability of our supply chain.
  • We choose suppliers that care about the Earth as much as we do.
  • We are housed by the biggest solar panel in Hayward
seafood truck
  • We consult you on your seafood decisions and deliver exactly what you decide on. 

  • Our central location in the San Francisco Bay Area allows us to offer our you a wide range of transportation options to minimize your freight costs and maximize your earnings. 

  • We are not strangers to filling the last minute order.