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How To Enjoy High Quality Seafood

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If you’re a meat eater or even a pescetarian, seafood is an excellent source of nutrition. It includes vital nutrients like omega-3s, iron, vitamins B and D, required for overall wellness, and is packed with natural protein, essential for building muscle.

Nutritionists encourage the inclusion of seafood in our diet owing to its richness in omega-3s, which are required to build strong bones, a healthy immune system and favors optimal brain development.

Pucci Foods is a seafood wholesale distributor in the San Francisco Bay Area that has been a trusted name in the fishing game for over 100 years, providing the highest quality seafood to wholesalers, retailers, and restaurants.

Guide to Proper Cleaning of Seafood

From fish to shellfish, when you purchase from our seafood distributors, there are techniques to keep in mind for proper cleaning before cooking and consumption. The process isn’t very long and is primarily done to remove sand and grit, as well as any inedible parts that may harm you. Here are some tips to help you out:


You could use a pair of scissors for this. Snip or pull-off the head, then proceed to peel the shell and legs to reveal the fleshy part of the shrimp. In the spirit of minimizing shrinkage, reserve both the outer discards to make a broth or curry base. Now you could keep the tail or proceed to pinch it off too, also known as ‘complete peeling’ of the prawn. Lastly, clean the vein or intestine from the body (depending on the variety, it’s either black, green, or yellow in color).

Pro tip: Keep a bowl of water next to you so you can consistently clean your hands.


Descale the fish with the back of your knife, starting at the tail end, and scraping your way up in clear and swift motions. Repeat the action on both sides. Thoroughly wash the fish to remove all scales. Place it back on a flat, skid-free, surface. Using the tip of a filet knife, make a shallow cut in the belly and move the blade along it, all the way to the head. Spread open and pull out all the entrails till you see only the flesh. Rinse the cavity thoroughly. You could keep the fish intact or proceed to remove the head and filet the fish further.

Pro tip: Keep a bucket or bowl next to you for easy discarding.


Before you shuck oysters, rinse them in cold water, then use a clean toothbrush to scrub the shell and remove dirt. Discard the ones that are already cracked or open.

Pro tip: Placing them in a colander keeps them contained without creating a mess.


Discard any cracked or open mussels. Soak them in a salt water bath for 15 mins–this causes them to expel salt and dirt from their shells. Remove the string like appendage, also known as the ‘beard’ of the mussel, by simply pulling it out. Clean the mussels with a toothbrush and rinse.

Pro Tip: If you aren’t consuming them the same day, remove the mussels from the packaging to prevent them from suffocating, and place them on a bed of ice before putting them into the fridge. For optima freshness, we advise not storing them for over 2 days.

Packed with nutrition, seafood is flavorful and easy to cook. As a seafood distributor, we provide the highest quality finfish and shellfish. Give us a try today!

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