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The Health Benefits of Farmed Salmon at Wholesale


It’s not unusual to hear that some people limit or avoid eating seafood due to worries about levels of mercury. However, this need not be the case for farmed salmon at wholesale as they’re healthier, lower in mercury, and available sustainably.

It is one of many types of seafood suggested as a “best choice” option because it is high in vital nutrients and low in mercury. Due to this, food safety experts recommend eating seafood twice a week, such as salmon, as itsmercury levels fall far below the upper limit established by the FDA.

Understanding Mercury in Seafood 

The crust of our planet contains mercury naturally. Many events, such as volcanic eruptions and forest fires, as well as a common human activity like the burning of fossil fuels, can release it into the air or water.

Mercury emissions bring on health concerns for both people and the environment. Industrialization has increased the amount of mercury in our environment, thereby adding more “fuel to the fire” and raising concerns about mercury to new heights. Methylmercury accumulates in sediment and moves up the food chain.

As a result, methylmercury is found in all fish and shellfish to varying degrees, but the concentration varies by location and species. Mercury does not leave a fish’s system once it is there. Progressively, it builds up and reaches higher concentrations, especially in larger fish that consume smaller fish.

Owing to this, predatory species like sharks, swordfish, and tuna provide the greatest mercury contamination danger.

What Happens When You Consume Mercury

Mercury poisoning is a worry since methylmercury is poisonous and accumulates in the body over time. Humans who are mercury poisoned may experience cognitive decline, neurological system disorders, and weakened cardiovascular systems.

Since children and fetuses are more susceptible to mercury than adults, this is especially concerning for women who are pregnant or nursing, as well as for children. Although it may sound frightening, the average person rarely becomes poisoned by mercury.

Food safety experts suggest that the health advantages of routinely eating low-mercury seafood selections outweigh any worries caused by mercury. The good news is that low-mercury seafood selections, like salmon at wholesale, are widely available for consumption.

Benefits of Consuming Salmon

Farmed salmon at wholesale is a wise, secure, and sustainable seafood option. Benefits include the following:

  • Mercury Levels in Salmon Are Minimal

In comparison to most other fish species, Atlantic salmon, both wild and farmed, has substantially lower mercury levels. The average amount of mercury in a gram of farmed salmon is 0.05 micrograms. This is well below what the FDA and EPA consider safe for pregnant women and young children.

  • Recommended Choice by the FDA

Salmon is one of the top seafood options for a safe and healthy diet, especially for women who are or may become pregnant, nursing moms, and small children, according to the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). Salmon is among the low-mercury seafood that the FDA and DGA advise routinely eating two to three servings weekly.

  • Rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids

EPA and DHA, two beneficial omega-3 fatty acids, are abundant in salmon. According to a report by the FAO and WHO, farmed Atlantic salmon is one of the best options for having a high EPA and DHA to low mercury ratio, including more than 15 grams of EPA and DHA per gram and 0.05 micrograms per gram of mercury.

Procure Salmon from the Best Wholesale Supplier

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