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Whole Cooked Dungeness Crab

boiled dungeness crab

Whole cooked Dungeness Crab is here at last. Call in today.

Good things come to those who wait, and for seafood lovers, that includes Dungeness. We are excited to announce that we’re now selling whole cooked Dungeness crab!

After delays and discussions, the crab season finally opened last week. Fishermen dropped pots last Monday and, after a good “soak”, Dungeness docked two days later. Here is a live video of the first catch of the season taken by our partner port, Safe Coast Seafoods.

As always, it is our privilege to work with you to satisfy your crab-craving customers. So, break out your crab recipes and dust off your crab menus – Dungeness Crab is here at last. This year’s supply is about one-third its usual volume, so order soon!

Call (510) 300-6800 to order. Interested in live crab? Ask us!

Fun Fact: a group of crab is called a cast.

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