Unique Wholesale Seafood Items Spark Conversation and Foster Positive Connections at Company Events

If you’re in charge of ordering food for the next company event, you know how challenging it can be to provide exciting and delicious options that are also healthy and affordable. Coworkers who meet over a meal are not just sharing space while they eat – it is a time to socialize and make connections. The quality of the food plays a part in setting the tone for a shared meal. Good food fosters positive conversation, while bad food may create discontent. Thus, your job in picking out the menu can be tricky.

You may tend to shy away from seafood. We fear the “fishy” aftertaste of seafood that isn’t fresh, a bland preparation that leaves us unsatisfied, or the idea that our seafood may not be ocean-friendly. All you truly need is a trusted distributor to provide you with  wholesale seafood that is guaranteed to be fresh and sustainable. If you feel the need to break away from the typical white fillet (not to say that isn’t delicious!) then here are a few succulent, unique choices to spice up your company’s next event.

Crab legs: Easy, hearty, messy!

Steamed crab legs are one of the most amazing options for feeding a large number of people. Legs from Dungeness crabs or snow crabs are easy to steam (some already cooked options only need gentle reheating) and they are incredible when served simply with melted butter and garlic. You’re likely to see apprehension from the crowd at first, as cracking crab legs can be a daunting task for the tidy eater. But once the first person digs in, the rest will quickly follow. Cracking crab legs might be a messy business, but there are few other types of food that leave a diner with satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment.

Crab legs can be daunting at first glance, but this messy snack will soon be the office favorite!
Image courtesy of Flickr user Sean Hobson.

Sushi: Healthy and enticing

People LOVE sushi. Perhaps I say that because I’m a sushi lover and tend to associate with other sushi lovers. But it can’t be denied – every bite of freshly prepared sushi yields a luscious sweet flavor. A meal centered around sushi is interesting and enticing. The workplace will be buzzing with appreciation for this delightful choice. With sustainable options on the market such as black cod, mackerel, and rockfish, your sushi chef can quickly prepare a fantastic appetizer or meal. Consider adding salmon roe for an extra burst of briny delight, over which coworkers can rave. Encourage your colleagues to expand their culinary knowledge by brushing up on their sushi etiquette and feast together on the freshest treats from the sea.

Oysters: A conversation starter

Oyster shucking might not be the easiest task, but they certainly provide a conversation kick-starter that will quickly encourage coworkers to bond over an appreciation for their unique flavor. For a simple appetizer, raw oyster on the half-shell with fresh lemon juice and a drop of hot sauce is the embodiment of the word delicious. One oyster usually isn’t enough; everyone comes back for a second. And third. Oysters are also one of the most sustainable seafood options available, providing an ideal option for an eco-friendly business.

wholesale seafood
Sushi and oysters are unique, interesting delights that are sure to please the entire office.
Image courtesy of Flickr user Greenraf.

Sardines: Packed with nutrition

This little fish might have a tough reputation to overcome (on par with the similar-sized anchovy), but these little beauties have so much more to offer than their salty canned version for which we know them so well. They come packed with omega-3 fatty acids and are low in mercury, making them a wonderfully healthy, flavorful seafood option. Plus they are easy to prepare! Simply grilling them in olive oil and adding a flavorful topping creates a delectable dish that everyone in the office will enjoy.

wholesale seafood
Sardines are the perfect blend of easy, delicious and healthy for an office meal.
Image courtesy of Flickr user Paul Keller.

Sea urchins: A succulent briny treat

I invite you to introduce your office to the buttery cream of sea urchin roe. As a simple topper for crackers or wrapped in a crepe, sea urchin becomes an instant delicacy. Your employees will be in for a treat as they enjoy the sweet, briny taste of sea urchin. For an even more exciting option try serving fresh urchin roe in a uni shooter, a contemporary cocktail and appetizer combined in a shot glass. It’s certain to be a hot topic among those enjoying it.

wholesale seafood
Sea urchin provides an exciting, exotic seafood treat for any company event.
Image courtesy of Flickr user Michael T.

Endless seafood options

These options are only the tip of the iceberg. Don’t be afraid to include a main seafood dish or appetizer – everyone will love it! There are endless wholesale seafood options just waiting to be served at your next company event. Have your office bond in conversation over unique, exotic flavors found in their fresh, eco-friendly seafood dishes. Visit our online catalog today and choose from a multitude of high quality wholesale seafood options that are certain to be a hit at the next company event.

3 Replies to “Unique Wholesale Seafood Items Spark Conversation and Foster Positive Connections at Company Events”

  1. Robert Michaud

    I really liked the insight into seafood catering here. I know a lot of people tend to shy away from seafood, especially people with allergies of course, but this is a really good article that provides an in-depth look at just what you can do with some seafood at a company party or picnic, etc. Just make sure no one has allergies to it and you’d be good to go! Also I feel like that’s why companies tend to shy away from it is because they don’t want to get slammed with a lawsuit for someone almost dying from seafood allergies.

  2. Jameson

    When considering catering options, I’ve never really considered delving into the seafood realm. I think this makes for a great option to get away from the standard box-lunch fare from most corporate caterers that we are all too tired of eating.

    I personally think a lunch or dinner of crab legs would be a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Nothing brings a smile to someone’s face more than the satisfying crack of some freshly steamed crab legs.

    As mentioned, sushi is another great option. Its a healthy alternative that is tremendously popular as well as filling and cost effective. The other benefit is that it can be prepared in advance, served cold, and enjoyed in a relaxed atmosphere.

    Both of these options are definitely going to get put into use. I can’t wait to start cracking some crab legs at my next corporate dinner!

  3. Linda

    This really is a good idea! People are often hesitant to try different types of seafood and getting to sample a little something on the company’s dime is always nice! LOL. Seriously though, my old boss was into really healthy eating and he always encouraged his team towards more healthy eating. He would do this thing where once a month he would bring in a variety of a different type of food that he’d want us to get more familiar with. One month it was fruits, one month it was vegetables, one month it was legumes, and yes, one month it was seafood. He brought in clams, oysters, crab legs, salad with lobster, some sushi with tuna, and some more commonly known fishes like salmon, tuna, crab cakes, etc. It was quite the seafood feast. Can’t say this guy wasn’t generous to a fault. At any rate, I ventured outside my comfort zone and tried the oysters, sushi, and lobster salad. Ok, maybe I didn’t step that far out of my comfort zone, but it was pretty adventurous for a girl who thinks Chef BoyArDee should have his own section on the Food Pyramid. I was kind of surprised in that I did actually enjoy some of it, especially the lobster salad.

    If anyone has pot lucks or dinners at work, this really is a great way to try something different. If someone brings something unfamiliar in, likely they knew how to prepare it so it will be as good as it can be. So step out of your shell and try something different. See what I did there…”shell”?? Seafood?? 🙂

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