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How to Cook Rockfish: Your 5-Star Rockfish Recipe Guide

sauteed rockfish with salad

Wondering how to cook rockfish? You’ve got options. Whether you like it raw, grilled, baked, steamed, or fried, this is the Rockfish Recipe guide for you.

It’s time for a new beginning. Near-empty crab pots, a bout of bad weather, and a surge of COVID-19 cases made for a difficult Dungeness Crab Season. This Rockfish recipe guide comes at a time when we all need a blank slate.

A blank slate. That’s what chefs call the versatile Rockfish, varieties of which include Snapper, Perch, or Striped-Bass. A true blank slate, Rockfish can adapt to any flavor you throw at it, no matter how you throw it, while staying true to its firm texture and subtle sweetness. Whether you’re looking for an Eastern zing or a flavor from the West, whether you’ve got time or you’re running late, whether you want to fire up the stove or preheat the oven, this is the ultimate Rockfish recipe guide for you:

5-Star Rockfish Recipe Guide

Best Raw Recipe:

Ceviche!, 55 minutes

Feasting At Home (5 stars, 43 reviews)

Best Grilled Recipe:

Grilled Alaskan Rockfish, 30 minutes

Ask Chef Dennis (5 stars, 44 reviews)

Best Baked Recipe:

Baked Fish w/ Lemon Cream Sauce, 15 minutes

Recipe Tin Eats (5 stars, 326 reviews)

Best Steamed Recipe:

Steamed Wild Striped Bass, 40 minutes

Food & Wine (5 stars, 2K reviews)

Best Pan Fried Recipe:

Pan Fried Fish Fillets with Herb Butter, 20 minutes

NYT Cooking (5 stars, 2.3K reviews)

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