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Your Guide to Soles

Soles are a delicious, sustainable flatfish available all year round. Learn about the different types below! Soles are a family of flatfishes that live on

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Ceviche: A Cool Fish Dish for Hot Summer Days

When the mercury is rising, the thought of cooking and heating up the house even more leaves many searching for options that don’t involve the stove. Enter ceviche. All the “cooking” in this flavorful Latin America staple is done with lime juice.

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Making Fish the Focus This Summer

The Bay Area is smack in the middle of prime grilling season. Fresh, grilled seafood couldn’t be more perfect for your customers’ block parties, family get-togethers, 4th of July picnics, camping trips, and backyard dinner parties. The tricky part is getting them to discover (or remember) this.

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