Bring the Taste of Mardi Gras to Your Bay Area Fish Market

Posted by on Sunday, February 4th, 2018

Gumbo crawfish

Gumbo with crawfish, chicken and sausage, southern food in the United States

While February weighs in as the shortest month on the calendar, it sure knows how to pack a party punch. There’s the Super Bowl. There’s Valentine’s Day. And then there’s the party to end all parties: Fat Tuesday. Mardi Gras falls on February 13th this year, and since the celebration is synonymous with New Orleans, it’s a perfect opportunity to feature Louisiana seafood favorites at your Bay Area fish market.

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Feature Fish Soups and Stews at Your Market This Winter

Posted by on Thursday, January 25th, 2018

Seafood soup with a variety of seafood

There’s no better season to feature fresh fish soups or seafood stews than California’s rainy, chilly winters. Customers are looking for warm comfort foods, and soups satisfy not only the palate and the stomach, but combat those inevitable colds. Highlight fresh, sustainable seafood from Pucci Foods designed to shine in the stew pot. Salmon, crab, oysters, cod, shrimp and much more can make a fantastic meal when prepared in a delicious soup, and paired with a hearty slice of bread. These fish stews also provide a welcome break from the ubiquitous clam chowder.

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Fish and Football: A Match Worthy of the Super Bowl

Posted by on Friday, January 19th, 2018

superbowl fish

Superbowl Fish

Anyone who has ever hosted a Super Bowl party will tell you the food is just as important as the big game. Sure, food may not be the immediate focus, but keeping the legions happily fed as they watch the big game may be the most underrated task in history.

Enter the unlikely hero: fresh fish from your market. Let your Bay Area customers know that you have them covered when it comes to seafood ideas for party platters, appetizers, and even entrees that will blow typical Super Bowl eats out of the water.

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Making Fish the Focus of Holiday Entertaining and Giving

Posted by on Sunday, December 10th, 2017

Fish steaks on cooled market display

December tends to fly by in a whirl of red and green—filled with holiday parties, shopping, decorating, and, of course, good times with family and friends. It all creates the demand for simplicity and speed when it comes to cooking meals or bringing an appetizer to that annual get-together. Make things easy on your seafood market customers by offering preparation shortcuts. And be sure to remind them about these conveniences with signs, displays, and social media posts! Read the full article…

Highlighting Halibut in Season

Posted by on Monday, November 6th, 2017

Freshly caught halibut in Homer Spit, Alaska, USA.

Fresh Alaskan halibut is pouring into San Francisco Bay Area fish markets, but it’s got some competition for attention. Favorites like oysters, salmon and tuna are still readily-available, and many people are eagerly awaiting the start of crab season. If you feel like halibut might not be on your customers’ radar, do them a favor by featuring this delicious and nutritious choice. Not only is it packed full of heart-healthy protein and vitamins, but Alaskan halibut from Pucci Foods is guilt-free when it comes to environmental impact.

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Autumn Spells Oysters at Bay Area Fish Markets

Posted by on Wednesday, September 20th, 2017


There’s a simple rule to remember prime oyster season: If the month has a letter R, go for it. If not, wait, or risk serving milky, bland oysters. September and October are the first months that meet this simple condition after a long stretch of R-less months. If your customers don’t already know about the rule, drop some hints, or simply say it loud and proud: Autumn means the arrival of the first big crop of fresh oysters to the Bay Area!

California’s oyster industry is confined to a small area, with Tomales Bay at its center. That makes San Francisco Bay Area fish markets the first stop in a world-class oyster pipeline. This year, due to record-breaking heat across the state, there may be concern that this Fall’s crop lacks some of its distinctive bite and refreshing, buttery sweetness. One oyster that decides the water temperature is perfect to spawn in, can ruin the bunch. Warm water can also make conditions ripe for toxic algae or other harmful bacteria.

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Sustainability Success Puts Rockfish Back on Bay Area Dinner Plates

Posted by on Tuesday, August 1st, 2017

Bay Area Fish Markets

rockfish filet

Bay Area Fish Markets know their customers. They’re friendly, loyal, and they care a lot about the environment. So when the alarm sounded about many species of West Coast rockfish being on the verge of collapse in 2000, eco-conscious customers and markets listened, and cut way back. In the years that followed, fishermen, regulators, and conservationists worked together to reverse the disaster. Management programs were adopted, catch limits were followed, new fishing gear was designed, and fishing in sensitive areas was banned.

Today, popular varieties of rockfish, including Yellowtail and Perch, are some of the most sustainable options available at local seafood markets. Let your customers know that not only are rockfish ranked high on sustainability charts, but fresh shipments are pouring in, and these affordable fish are perfect for a variety of summer recipes. We’ve outlined a few of our favorites below.

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Copper River King Salmon More Rare and Expensive Than Ever

Posted by on Saturday, July 1st, 2017

It’s May and that means the Pacific Northwest (and the San Francisco Bay Area) is celebrating the arrival of the famous Copper River king salmon. These enormous, silver fish have bright red, firm flesh, and a particularly rich flavor because of extra fat the fish store for the exhausting fight upriver to spawn. Copper River kings are so striking and have become so iconic that the very first catch of the season is a worldwide media event. An Alaska airlines pilot delivers the first fish to the Seattle Airport, where three chefs have a cook-off on the tarmac. Photos of the pilot with a behemoth salmon slung over his shoulder become somewhat of an internet sensation, adding to the excitement of the season’s opening.

Image of Copper River king salmon

Trophy King (Chinook) Salmon, Silver color stage. 

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Making the Most of Younger Customers: Three Ways to Target Millennials in Bay Area Markets  

Posted by on Thursday, June 1st, 2017

Millennials are the fastest growing population on the planet, on track to outspend Baby Boomers very soon. Next year, U.S. Millennials will spend an estimated $200 billion, according to Advertising Age. So how can you capitalize on some of that buying power?  Here are some simple strategies to employ if you’re looking to catch the eye of the largest generation currently on earth.


Millennials are the fastest growing population

     1.Get Social

Millennials grew up in the age of the internet and the cell phone. They generally avoid traditional channels of media and spend lots of time on social media. If you want to sell seafood to Millennials, especially in the tech-centered San Francisco Bay Area, go where they are: online. If your market doesn’t already have a Facebook page, Twitter account and Instagram account, create them and spend a few minutes a day posting. Encourage customers to like your page and follow your accounts. Use customers to spread your message as well. For instance, offer a special sale price to those who “check in” to your market on Facebook. “Checking in” takes about ten seconds, and voila, now all your customers’ Facebook friends see that she just bought fish at your market. They’ll even see exactly where your market is located. Many customers are sure to personalize the check-in post, giving you a shout-out to dozens, if not hundreds of people.  Last but not least, make sure to incorporate video on your social media accounts. Younger generations gravitate more toward online videos than any other medium, according to experts.  

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The Best of Wholesale Bay Area Seafood: Getting Customers Excited About Seasonal Winter Seafood

Posted by on Saturday, January 21st, 2017

Bay Area waters are home to several species of rockfish, which are under-appreciated and in season right now. Image source: Flickr CC user Ken Curtis

We all know that asparagus and tomatoes have a season (spring and summer, respectively), and being in the seafood business, we are also keenly aware that our wild, sustainable seafood here in the Bay Area is also affected by the changing seasons. Certain fisheries are closed and restricted during some months and open during others. With some fisheries, there’s a huge amount of anticipation around their reopening each year as the season begins (think Dungeness crab), but other fisheries don’t create the same excitement. So what local, in-season seafood can we get customers excited about in January and February, keeping in mind that shoppers are willing to pay more for local fish, and how can we encourage seafood sales with value-added products?

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