National Fish and Chip Day: Not Just for the UK

Posted by on Friday, June 1st, 2018

It’s back. June 1st marks this year’s National Fish and Chip Day in Britain. But seafood markets here in the Bay Area would be wise to join in the budding tradition. Who doesn’t love the winning combination of battered fish and crispy, deep fried potatoes? This is a meal not only rooted in history, but one that satisfies our taste buds, and our craving for comfort food.

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Copper River King Salmon Struggles to Make a Comeback

Posted by on Monday, May 21st, 2018

It’s May and that means the Pacific Northwest (and the San Francisco Bay Area) is close to celebrating the arrival of the famous Copper River king salmon. These enormous, silver fish have bright red, firm flesh, and a particularly rich flavor because of extra fat the fish store for the exhausting fight upriver to spawn. Copper River kings have become so iconic that the inaugural catch of the season is a worldwide event, with a pilot delivering the first huge fish to the Seattle Airport, where chefs have a cook-off right on the tarmac. But in recent years, the excitement of the season’s opening has been dampened by bleak forecasts. This year is no exception. Read the full article…

Go Gourmet for Mother’s Day

Posted by on Thursday, May 3rd, 2018

Mother’s Day is one of those high-pressure holidays that you simply can’t ignore. Moms do so very much and this is the day we all go the extra mile to show our appreciation. Play up Mother’s Day at your Bay Area fish market this year by offering gourmet options to either take home already prepared, or for customers to take home to do the cooking themselves. While a night out may say “I love you,” a night in, that took time and effort and thought, often says it a little louder. Give your customers a head start on that special meal by offering fillets already in marinade, packets of herbs and spices ready to add to the pan, or recipe cards with easy, gourmet fish recipes. 

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Pucci Spring Health Benefits Blog

Posted by on Tuesday, March 20th, 2018

Grilled Mahi with Lemon.

Let Spring Remind Customers of Health Benefits of Fish

Spring is that time of year when we celebrate and see rebirth all around us. The trees are flowering, the hills are green, and as the weather turns warmer, we venture outside more, with a renewed sense of beginning. Harness the invigorating mood at your Bay Area fish market by reminding customers that when they take home fish for dinner, they are also taking home a vehicle to better health. Read the full article…

Pucci Saint Patricks Day March Fish Blog

Posted by on Wednesday, March 14th, 2018

Swiss potato pancakes with smoked salmon and sauce on a plate close-up. horizontal

Celebrate St. Patty’s Day with Your Seafood Market Customers

There’s nothing more American than taking part in holidays that celebrate our country’s diversity, from Chinese New Year to Saint Patrick’s Day—especially when those holidays are a perfect opportunity to indulge in certain foods. The cliché (based in truth) is that the potato is king in Ireland. And lucky for Bay Area fish markets, this island nation is also famous for a variety of seafood. Take advantage of this tasty pairing of fish and potatoes and whip up something special for your customers to take home this Saint Patty’s Day: Irish Boxty. Read the full article…

Give a Little to Get a Little Love This Valentine’s Day

Posted by on Saturday, February 10th, 2018

Fresh raw oysters

There is no day on the calendar better suited to aphrodisiac foods than Valentine’s Day. And one of the most notorious foods rumored to help people get in the mood is fresh, raw oysters. The legendary 18th century lover Casanova wrote in his memoir that he ate fifty oysters every day for breakfast, and dozens more at lunch and dinner.  Recently, a team of American and Italian researchers found that there is indeed science behind the oyster aphrodisiac reputation. It turns out the shellfish are rich in rare amino acids known to trigger an increase in sex hormones. Those amino acids actually peak in the Spring, making them the perfect lover’s pick-me-up even well beyond Valentine’s Day. Read the full article…

Bring the Taste of Mardi Gras to Your Bay Area Fish Market

Posted by on Sunday, February 4th, 2018

Gumbo crawfish

Gumbo with crawfish, chicken and sausage, southern food in the United States

While February weighs in as the shortest month on the calendar, it sure knows how to pack a party punch. There’s the Super Bowl. There’s Valentine’s Day. And then there’s the party to end all parties: Fat Tuesday. Mardi Gras falls on February 13th this year, and since the celebration is synonymous with New Orleans, it’s a perfect opportunity to feature Louisiana seafood favorites at your Bay Area fish market.

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Feature Fish Soups and Stews at Your Market This Winter

Posted by on Thursday, January 25th, 2018

Seafood soup with a variety of seafood

There’s no better season to feature fresh fish soups or seafood stews than California’s rainy, chilly winters. Customers are looking for warm comfort foods, and soups satisfy not only the palate and the stomach, but combat those inevitable colds. Highlight fresh, sustainable seafood from Pucci Foods designed to shine in the stew pot. Salmon, crab, oysters, cod, shrimp and much more can make a fantastic meal when prepared in a delicious soup, and paired with a hearty slice of bread. These fish stews also provide a welcome break from the ubiquitous clam chowder.

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Fish and Football: A Match Worthy of the Super Bowl

Posted by on Friday, January 19th, 2018

superbowl fish

Superbowl Fish

Anyone who has ever hosted a Super Bowl party will tell you the food is just as important as the big game. Sure, food may not be the immediate focus, but keeping the legions happily fed as they watch the big game may be the most underrated task in history.

Enter the unlikely hero: fresh fish from your market. Let your Bay Area customers know that you have them covered when it comes to seafood ideas for party platters, appetizers, and even entrees that will blow typical Super Bowl eats out of the water.

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Making Fish the Focus of Holiday Entertaining and Giving

Posted by on Sunday, December 10th, 2017

Fish steaks on cooled market display

December tends to fly by in a whirl of red and green—filled with holiday parties, shopping, decorating, and, of course, good times with family and friends. It all creates the demand for simplicity and speed when it comes to cooking meals or bringing an appetizer to that annual get-together. Make things easy on your seafood market customers by offering preparation shortcuts. And be sure to remind them about these conveniences with signs, displays, and social media posts! Read the full article…