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    8 Traditional Chinese New Year Dishes

    Lunar New Year food includes fish, dumplings, egg rolls, and more, with each being full of flavor and meaning. When thinking about Lunar New Year food, the Chinese are the […]

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    Forget the Lobster Feed, Throw an Oyster Feed this October

    The San Francisco Bay Area is the envy of the entire country when it comes to fresh oysters. With a world-class oyster industry centered just north of San Francisco, in […]

  • Oyster Ceviche

    Bay Area Oysters: October’s Crown Jewels

    Fall means fresh oysters are pouring into Bay Area fish markets. And while your customers may know oyster season is in full swing, they may not know the local lore […]

  • Serve up Seafood Comfort Food During September

    Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, comfort food often means seafood, from tender mahi mahi steaks or slabs of juicy salmon, to bowls of creamy, salty, clam chowder served […]

  • Copper River King Salmon Struggles to Make a Comeback

    It’s May and that means the Pacific Northwest (and the San Francisco Bay Area) is close to celebrating the arrival of the famous Copper River king salmon. These enormous, silver […]

  • Go Gourmet for Mother’s Day

    Mother’s Day is one of those high-pressure holidays that you simply can’t ignore. Moms do so very much and this is the day we all go the extra mile to […]

  • Pucci Spring Health Benefits Blog

    Let Spring Remind Customers of Health Benefits of Fish Spring is that time of year when we celebrate and see rebirth all around us. The trees are flowering, the hills […]

  • Pucci Saint Patricks Day March Fish Blog

    Celebrate St. Patty’s Day with Your Seafood Market Customers There’s nothing more American than taking part in holidays that celebrate our country’s diversity, from Chinese New Year to Saint Patrick’s […]

  • seafood paella

    Bring the Taste of Mardi Gras to Your Bay Area Fish Market

    While February weighs in as the shortest month on the calendar, it sure knows how to pack a party punch. There’s the Super Bowl. There’s Valentine’s Day. And then there’s […]

  • Host a Non-Traditional Pescetarian Thanksgiving Dinner with Online Dungeness Crab Delivery

    A few years ago for Thanksgiving, I spent the holiday with my friend and her husband. When I arrived at their house, everything looked familiar. The table was set with […]

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